Historical Development of German Dialects

My German capstone project was about the development of the standard German language (Hochdeutsch) since over history and how dialects are formed and maintained overtime. I learned some basic linguistics concepts and applied historical knowledge from other courses and new sources. I presented the project in both English and German.

Anonymous Communication Evaluation Research Proposal

In January 2018 I took a course about academic writing, which taught us more formal methods for effectively reading research papers, analyzing the content and structure, and of course academic writing. I decided to research privacy and anonymity in networks, which was a far larger rabbit hole of content than I imagined. Although I don’t think I plan on actually conducting the study, I wrote a research proposal for coming up with a more unified method of evaluating anonymous communication technology.

EOLA Tennis App

For my final computer science project in college, I worked with a group to extend an app for a local tennis academy. Using frameworks like React Native, the Redux state management library, AWS cloud services, and Google Firebase, we implemented features to let players sign waivers, register for classes, and connect on a chatroom through the app. This project is currently in progress.


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