Learn Functional Programming

Learn Functional Programming is a puzzle game where users program with a visual functional programming language. The hope is that an interactive and easy to use environment would make it easier to learn the syntax of functional languages. This is the followup project from my Ludum Dare 45 educational game Magic Shepherd. Many players found Magic Shepherd very confusing, so LFP is meant to be much easier to follow and learn.

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The Angel Recording the Truth

This is an educational game for first order logic. Concepts introduced include predicates, sets, and quantifiers. By introducing concepts one at a time in an interactive setting and letting related concepts build on itself, I hope that players will become more comfortable working with these concepts. I was probably a bit sloppy with some notation (for example, the Wikipedia page didn’t have examples using sets, so including them might really be an extension of first-order logic or something like that). If you really know this stuff and notice a huge mistake, please correct me.

Made in under 48 hours for Ludum Dare 46

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Magic Shepherd Educational Game

Magic Shepherd is an educational game for visualizing and understanding functional programming. I tried to make each object in the game relate to some concept in a LISP-based functional programming. The hope is that somebody who learns game concepts will also learn functional programming concepts. Initial feedback showed that more work is needed to lower the learning curve and to help make it more intuitive.

Magic Shepherd was made with Godot for Ludum Dare 45.

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